Parma and its province in 1 day

If you have spent half a day touring the city, we suggest travelling in the province of Parma to taste all its beauty.

Some examples…

The Castle of Torrechiara

Located on a hill overlooking the valley of the Parma Watercourse, this enchanting castle was the scene of the love story between Bianca Pellegrini and Pier Maria Rossi, retraced in the splendid Golden Chamber (about 1460, attributed to Benedetto Bembo).

Set in a pastoral landscape, between vines and the bed of the watercourse, the tour of the castle and the village of Torrechiara plunges us into the Romanesque: it is easy to imagine hearing the hammering of horses’ hooves and the rustle of the lively life of the ladies and knights. To deepen knowledge of the territory, it is possible to tour the Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria della Neve, the Parma Ham Museum in Langhirano, the wineries and the ham production plants.

The Sanvitale Castle of Fontanellato

Famous for its beautiful moats, the castle that belonged to the Sanvitale houses two jewels: the “Optical Chamber” located in a tower and, on the ground floor, the small room decorated with frescoes of Parmigianino representing scenes from the life of Diana and Actaeon, taken from Ovid’s Metamorphoses. The quintessential 16th-century painting, the remarkable artistic quality of these works and the complexity of their interpretation never ceases to enchant visitors and academics.

To complete the tour, we cannot leave without having travelled the characteristic alleys of the village or having visited the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary which dates back to the 17th century and whose 1615 wooden statue of the Virgin has been the subject of great devotion and pilgrimages for more than four centuries.

Soragna, Pearl of the “Bassa”

A castle erected in the 14th century and still belonging to the Meli Lupi family, it is one of the most sought-after in the region and certainly the richest in original furniture and objects. Nowhere like in Soragna do you breath the air of an old house, laden with history and tradition.

It is advisable to devote a whole day to the village of Soragna to tour, besides the castle, the synagogue and Fausto Levi Hebrew Museum, the Church of Saint James the Major, the Parmesan Museum and the Museum of Peasant Civilization. There are traditions and stories for adult and child.

The Palace of Colorno

The “Little Versailles of the Dukes of Parma” was the summer residence of the Farnese, Bourbons and Marie-Louise of Austria. Today we can visit the rooms of the noble floor, the private apartment of Duke Ferdinand, the Ducal Chapel of Saint Liborius and the park.

The complex, which is being restored, is of all castles that which is most related to ducal history and the city of Parma. It is rich in histories and anecdotes fed by the personages who lived there, such as the Duchess Babette, the Duke Ferdinand de Bourbon, the Duchess Marie-Louise. Here is a curiosity: did you know that the great fountain of the Ducal Park of Parma used to be in the garden of the Palace of Colorno a century ago? Come and discover the reason for this curious move during a tour that will surely surprise you.

Giuseppe Verdi and Busseto

For true music enthusiasts, the trip begins in Parma with a Musical Promenade that lets you explore the history of the city by choosing the steps: Regio Theatre, Farnese Theatre, Opera Museum, and Arturo Toscanini’s birthplace.

For total immersion in Verdi’s places, we can walk in the Master’s steps starting with his birthplace at Roncole and the nearby Church of Saint Michael the Archangel where Verdi was baptised, continuing towards the Verdi Theatre, inaugurated on August 15, 1868, in the Pallavicino de Busseto Castle, and the splendid Villa Sant’Agata which preserves intact the rooms containing the Master’s furniture and souvenirs.

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