Special Itineraries in Parma

In the Footsteps of Correggio

“attese alla maniera moderna tanto perfettamente, che in pochi anni dotato dalla natura et esercitato dall’arte divenne raro e maraviglioso artefice”.

Giorgio Vasari speaks of Antonio Allegri da Correggio in the “Lives of the Most Excellent Painters…” as a genius who reached the pinnacle of his art within a few years despite his young age. Vasari, an artist recognized by many as one of the greatest of the Renaissance, marks the beginning of his brilliant career as a critic. Do not miss this journey in the art of the 16th century in the steps of this Master of the School of Parma, with imposing personages and delicate faces, enigmatic works, stupendous views…

  • It will be possible to visit:
  • the Chamber of Saint Paul
  • the frescoes of Saint John the Evangelist
  • the dome of the cathedral
  • the works of the National Gallery
Do not forget the other great genius of the 16th century, Francesco Mazzola, called “Parmigianino”, who left us the enigmatic fresco of the great arch of the Steccata and “the Turkish Slave” of the National Gallery.

Library of Saint John the Evangelist and Palatina Library

Travel in the city’s two historic libraries, very different from each other but having both played a major cultural role in the 16th and 17th centuries. Places of study and reflection, they contain ancient manuscripts and precious volumes as well as artistic wonders little known to the public, to be rediscovered while gazing around, being guided by the illustrious symbols and characters.

Medieval Parma

The 11th, 12th and 13th centuries have left ancient symbols in Parma, engraved in the stone and most fascinating architecture of the city. Among the most interesting places are the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption, the baptistery, the Diocesan Museum and the Church of Santa Croce in the Oltretorrente district. They make up a framework of figures, symbols and cultural reminders that tell a thousand-year-old history of spirituality.

  • Parma Ducale
  • Violetta di Parma
  • Musical Promenades

Musical Promenades

A journey through the heart of music under the sign of Verdi and Toscanini, discovering the unwavering connection of the city with opera, older than what you expect and deeply rooted. We will talk about arias and concertos, openings and upper balconies, enchanted batons and generous duchesses.

Musical Promenades can be arranged to pass through

  • the Regio Theatre
  • the Farnese Theatre
  • the Opera Museum
  • the birthplace of Arturo Toscanini
  • the Conservatory of Music

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