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Novellara and the small capitals of the Po.

Boretto, Brescello, Gualtieri, Guastalla, Luzzara, Novellara, Poviglio, Reggiolo: villages of the “Bassa” area around Reggio Emilia, all marked by the presence of the Great River that runs through these lands and is imprinted in their culture, their economy, their history and their traditions.

The tour of Novellara and the Castle of Gonzague, whose rich museum narrates the Epic Tale of the younger branch of the famous Mantova family, can be associated with a tour of the traditional balsamic vinegar factory and a cruise on the Po: a special day, rocked by the waves of the Great River.

Brescello with Don Camillo and Peppone: Take one! Action!

"Ecco il paese, il piccolo mondo di un mondo piccolo, piantato in qualche parte dell'Italia del Nord. Là in quella fetta di terra grassa e piatta che sta tra il fiume Po e l'Appennino...". Guareschi's Little World, located between the Po and the Apennines, is perfectly illustrated in Brescello, a small town on the Bassa Padana, which has become the natural setting for the adventures of Don Camillo and Peppone.

You can visit the famous natural “set” and the museum where photographs and objects related to films are collected. This itinerary can be combined with a route of the Verdeans places, due to the common origins of Guareschi and Verdi.

Modena, land of engines

Ferrari, Lamborghini, De Tomaso, Maserati, Ducati: these names thrill the hearts of millions of speed enthusiasts, fascinated by these roaring cars, always symbols of prestige.

The most legendary place is, of course, Maranello, production centre of extraordinary cars, an unmissable stage of this journey with the Ferrari Gallery that tells the myth of these out of the ordinary cars.

In the footsteps of the Chartreuse of Parma. Protagonists of the 19th and 20th centuries

It is possible to visit the Abbey of Valserena, identified as the place where Stendhal probably wanted to situate his famous novel, now the seat of archives and the CSAC (Centre for Studies and Archives of Communication) University Museum. The museum preserves very rich academic collections of contemporary art including drawings, photographs, paintings, sculptures, advertising posters, design objects, architectural projects, stage costumes and collections of haute couture.

If you would prefer to follow the literary suggestions of the Chartreuse, we recommend a whole day in the Habsburg Parma (Ducal Park, Regio Theatre and Glauco Lombardi Museum) and the Colorno Palace, chosen as the setting for the RAI mini-series on the Chartreuse of Parma by Cinzia TH Torrini (2012).

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