Special Itineraries in Parma

In the Footsteps of Correggio

“attese alla maniera moderna tanto perfettamente, che in pochi anni dotato dalla natura et esercitato dall’arte divenne raro e maraviglioso artefice”.

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Library of Saint John the Evangelist and Palatina Library

Travel in the city’s two historic libraries, very different from each other but having both played a major cultural role in the 16th and 17th…

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Medieval Parma

The 11th, 12th and 13th centuries have left ancient symbols in Parma, engraved in the stone and most fascinating architecture of the city. Among the…

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Musical Promenades

A journey through the heart of music under the sign of Verdi and Toscanini, discovering the unwavering connection of the city with opera, older than…

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