Itinera Emilia arose out of the desire to have professional and multidisciplinary skills serve tourism in the design and creation in full transparency of tailored itineraries and integrated services, linked to the cultural and tourism offering.

The unique combination of these inseparable components, united with deep rooting in the territory of Parma and its province, makes up the cooperative’s unique speciality.

The tourist guide members of the cooperative are, “passionately” and “with passion”, ambassadors of the territory and culture which they tirelessly provide with promotion, protection and dissemination.


Itinera Emilia members are among the earliest signatories of the Tourist Guide Code of Ethics, written on the basis of framework law n°217/1983 on tourism and the various related regional provisions, of which a brief extract is reproduced below.


  1. The tourist guide exercises a liberal profession; he constantly operates in public and private workplaces to which he is not contractually bound but which welcome him as a guest. […] He thus contributes to raising awareness of the historical, artistic, architectural, environmental, gastronomic and demo-ethno-anthropological heritage. Stimulating curiosity and enriching the citizen’s knowledge, he is committed to improving its dissemination.
  2. The tourist guide contributes to raising the awareness of the adult citizen to the protection and enhancement of the historical and artistic heritage. He provides instruments for the correct interpretation of the heritage and offers a reading key appropriate to the visitor’s age, geographical origin and culture. He thus encourages intercultural dialogue and increases the citizen’s sense of belonging to the place and participation in community activities. […].
  3. The tourist guide also provides his services to elementary and secondary schools. He plays an active role in the civic and cultural education of the youngest citizens. By his work he stimulates curiosity of the little ones by cultivating in them interest in art and respect for heritage.
  4. The tourist guide, aware of what has just been indicated, is attentive to his own learning and is committed to constantly updating his knowledge […].
  5. As part of his independent work, the guide puts his own cultural knowledge and operates with the greatest respect for the heritage, having as his main objective the sensitization of the public of all ages and geographical origins as to respect for the monuments. The tourist guide therefore has a role to play in promotion of public and private cultural heritage […]. Promoting the knowledge of monuments, he attracts groups of visitors to museums and thus plays the role of messenger of culture and support of museum institutions. His work objectives lead him to constantly support the fundamental activities of the Ministry of Cultural Property and Activities and Tourism, for which he is a most valuable ally.